Every year, for a short time, the windows of healthcare open up and permit the citizens to improve upon their healthcare plans. This is called Open Enrollment. Selecting the best plans can require some real understanding of a person’s healthcare plan, budget and any anticipation of spend for the following year.

The absolute best policy is to visit the doctor often so that early detection of anything is that may  go wrong with the body can be remedied fast, after all, prevention is the best policy and early detection the next best. However regardless of medical conditions, US policy allows for the changing of policies at the end of every year and the 2021 Open Enrollment is nearly upon us.

This year, the new healthcare plans especially designed for Medicare C may be offering the greatest benefits for the least money ever seen. Rumors have it that certain plans are so good that policy holders can receive as much as $1,700 in rebate money. That’s cash sent to them! If they ever open up cruise lines that is a great vacation for two. If  married there is some extra cash to buy gifts for your friends that don’t have that policy.

However don’t reserve a place at the casino in anticipation. The best policy of finding the best policy is actually preparing and researching early. Talking with the right insurance carriers through your healthcare provider early in open enrollment can actually provide advantage.

The reason is that many people put it off, like yard work or dishes. A little known secret is to research and identify the plans that work best for the next year early because the experts are fresh. People who wait until the last minute have reported a rushed process and this is both disadvantageous to the policy educators and the patients.

Open enrollment dates for 2021 coverage
Open enrollment for ACA-compliant 2021 coverage will run from November 1, 2020 to December 15, 2020 in all states that use HealthCare.gov, and in some of the states that run their own exchanges. This enrollment schedule applies both on and off-exchange.
Another tip to getting the best healthcare plan for yourself is to talk with your healthcare provider. While they will refer you to the experts, they are looking at plans to determine how they will affect their patient management for the next year. Some they are excited about and some they aren’t. Remember that the people in the doctor’s office have family in the same boat as you and they are in it or will be soon. Having medical experience they have a fairly sharp eye on which policies look good and which don’t.
The final tip or secret is to not be so fixed on an older plan. Capitalism still dictates that companies offer more and better services competitively to earn your business. Besides, research and learning can not hurt, even if it helps you to decide to keep your old policy.
Many tend to think they will deal with it next year or later, however the purpose of insurance is to be best prepared for those incidents in life we don’t expect. If there are policies that provide better coverage for less in case of such unfortunate event and that provide refunds for unused portions, wouldn’t you want to know about them?
Put your thinking caps on and get ready for the 2021 Open Enrollment. It may leave you pleasantly surprised and net cash positive!