InveniAI® Corporation is pioneering the application of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to transform innovation across healthcare and other industries, its CEO, Krishnan Nandabalan, Ph.D., was featured in the 2019 BIO International Convention’s panel presentation, “Harnessing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to Improve R&D Efficiency and Reproducibility”.

Dr. Nandabalan continues his work examining the power of machine learning as a methodology to amplify the human experience to build efficiencies, scale, and more importantly, enhance the probability of clinical success thereby increasing the pace of approval of safe and efficacious drugs.

InveniAI continues to showcase how it’s artificial intelligence platform, AlphaMeld™, is the premier platform of choice to transform the process of how innovation is accessed and monitored by multiple stakeholders such as business development, external innovation, R&D, portfolio, therapeutic, and corporate strategy groups. InveniAI’s AI and ML-based platform has already been used to identify and de-risk therapies in major therapeutic areas.

InveniAI® Corporation leverages AI and ML to harness petabytes of disparate data sets to recognize and unlock value for AI-based innovation monitoring and AI-based drug discovery and development. Numerous industry collaborations in Big Pharma, Specialty Pharma, Biotech, Consumer Healthcare, and Animal Therapeutics showcase the value of leveraging our technology to meld human experience and expertise with the power of machines to augment decision-making. The company continues to collaborate with industry partners to address cutting-edge problems across the value chain from internal to external innovation and to complement corporate decision-making.