OFFICIAL COVID-19 TEST KITS Are Available to Medical Staff Now

Keeping with the promises of President Trump, Covid-19 Test Kits are here.

The covid-19 or caronavirus pandemic has swept so swiftly around the world that leaders are working diligently to ensure that safety concerns are met with all of the tools within reach. Working with the medical and non-medical communities, the US president promised to begin delivering official covid-19 test kits and they are finally available to the medical community. However, being a new phenomenon and working at a break-neck pace, many medical professionals do not know where to go to receive corona virus covid-19 test kits.

A major resource for quickly enrolling into the Covid-19 nasal swab testing program has been provided by the Official Covid Test Kits website. has just published and is helping medical staff, administrators and doctors enroll in the Covid-19 testing program sponsored by two designated covid-19 testing laboratories.

These are the Official Covid-19 Test Kits announced during President Trump’s address to the nation on Friday, March 13th, which allow for nasal swab testing of Covid-19 in patients. These covid-19 test kits are only to be administered by medical personnel only. Medical Professionals who want to participate in Covid-19 Testing need to first enroll in the covid19 testing program with designated laboratories.  

Preparing laboratories to be able to conduct covid 19 testing with nasal swab covid-19 test kits has been a major goal of government leaders. There are two coronavirus testing laboratories currently providing testing for official medical facilities and medical professionals. Today both covid-19 testing laboratories have established a protocol to efficiently manage the mandates from the US government and the facilitation requirements for testing for Covid-19 pathogens in patients at appropriate medical facilities. is assisting Lehigh Valley Genomics and Univsersal Clinical Laboratories, as designated official Covid-19 testing laboratories, for testing nasal swab specimens for determination of contracted Covid-19 virus, also known as ‘coronavirus’ and ‘Wuhan Flu’. 

However, proper laboratory testing may only be conducted with enrolled medical facilities and medical personnel, permitted to receive, administer and follow proper procedures to manage proper laboratory logistics. There are no fees for receiving covid-19 testing kits nor laboratory testing as an officially enrolled medical professional. The laboratories will pay all expenses, with proper enrollment, for proper insurance designated payments.

Laboratory results are provided within twenty four (24) hours of laboratory receipt, to designated medical personnel from each covid-19 testing facility. All New Accounts require approval prior to processing so as a medical personnel enroll, please allow three (3) days for new account registration processing. The good news is that patients of doctors, hospitals, clinics and urgent care facilities will be able to receive their test results back very quickly, which will help to limit the spread of the deadly virus known as Coronavirus or Wuhan Flu.

It is important to note for medical professionals that there are NO FEES for enrollment for medical agencies. such as individual doctors or nurses, or professional medical companies such as hospitals, clinics and urgent care facilities, or other recognized medical agencies. The process is as simple enroll and start testing. The labs cover all expenses for sending and receiving covid-19 nasal swab tests. The existing billing goes to the patient via traditional insurance. This keeps business as usual for hospitals, clinics, urgent care facilities and individual doctors around the world.

Covid-19 (corona virus) is highly contagious and lethal, particularly to elderly and and young. This is a disease which has spread across the globe despite major efforts of containment. Quarantine is currently the best measures taken thus far, until a better treatment is discovered. Medical experts are currently project a minimum of a year and a half before the nearest coronavirus vaccine can be delivered to the market. This adds extra urgency to identifying patients that have contracted the covid19 ‘corona’ virus for purposes of monitoring, reporting and quarantine to prevent the spread as much as possible.


For Medical professionals wanting to access the Coronvirus Official Covid-19 Test Kits, the quickest way is to enroll at the website ““. Enrolling and initiating tests for patients is critical to isolating the virus as this is currently the best hope to preventing deaths caused by the coronavirus.